Amazing Mini Magic Collection

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Made in Illinois

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Amazing Mini Magic Collection

Made in USA - Illinois

Set of 3 Mini Illusions To Master

These simple magic tricks are easy to learn and fun to perform for both kids and adults. They make unexpected gifts.

You get a set of 3 mini tricks- Spiked Coin, Cups & Balls and Ball & Vase. 

Each illusion is individually boxed, includes all props and detailed instructions. No slight of hand is necessary.

The company was founded by magician Jules Traub in the 1930's. He soon became popular selling magic tricks, gags, pranks and party items in novelty shops.

To showcase his novelties, Traub invented the first revolving display rack which is now used around the word in retail stores to display postcards and other items for sale. In the 70's Marshall Brodien partnered with him to create "TV Magic" tricks and sets. Many of these tricks were sold using comic book ads. Today the company still creates magic from their Chicago, Illinois factory near the Radio Flyer red wagon factory.


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Made in America