4'x6' Commercial Grade Flag

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Made in South Carolina

Product Overview

4'x6' Commercial Grade Flag

Made in USA - South Carolina

Heavy Duty Pride

This commercial grade U.S. flag measures four feet by six feet making it ideal for six-foot poles or 20 foot in-ground flagpoles.

It has sewn stripes and embroidered stars composed of poly-cotton and Rayon and has a heavy-duty nylon construction to withstand the outdoors.

The left edge of the flag features two grommets made from 100% brass. These grommets can be used to secure the flag to a flagpole. This flag has a traditional feel, and it looks great mounted on a pole in front of your home or near your garden.

Nylon flags are better able to withstand wind and harsh weather conditions than cotton flags are. This flag is able to fly freely in wind and rain, and its lightweight nylon fabric dries quickly.

Pole & Box Not Included.

About Valley Forge Flag Company
Founded in 1882, Valley Forge Flag company remains to this day a family-run business. Beginning as a burlap-bag business that later sold World War I surplus, including US flags, the company has evolved and grown through four generations.

Valley Forge follows the philosophy and practice that US flags are made entirely of domestic materials and that each process in manufacturing the flag happens in South Carolina facilities with US labor employing more than 300 people.

As a founding member of the Flag Manufacturers' Association of America (FMAA). This association is committed to educating consumers, the press, and flag retailers about the United States manufactured flag industry and its significance to community, economic and social development. Educating the country and helping to enforce the legal requirements for the clear labeling of imported products is an important role that Valley Forge Flag takes very seriously.


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Made in America